11. Sustainable cities and communities

SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities

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In my first blog post I asked that you commit to following my blog for a few weeks to give me a chance to explain the most important issues affecting our joint survival. Subsequent Blog posts have started to give you some facts about the big and important Global issues that need to be addressed. In today’s Blog post I want to talk about the need to Sustainable Cities and Communities. 

The Problem

Photo Courtesy: Oxfam

Half of humanity – over 3.5 billion people now live in cities and by 2030 this will rise to be 60% of global population. Over 95% of such urban expansion will occur in the developing world where over 828 million people already live in slums and rubbish tips around cities. Such rapid urbanisation will exert even more pressure on freshwater supplies, sewage, environment and public health unless effective action is taken on a number of aspects to create safer, more sustainable ways of living in such communities.

Do you feel guilty when you see the suffering of the poor in developing countries and the terrible conditions in which many of them have to live and bring up their families? Do you get frustrated that little seems to be done to help such people? Do you get angry at the unfairness of the world where so many struggle to survive and feed their families? Now is your chance to do something to change the world!

The facts

1. 828 million poor people have to live in urban slums with very limited services
2. 95% of the expected future urban growth will occur in cities of the developing world
3. 90% of the 1.24 million global road accident deaths happen in low and middle income countries and up to 75%of the deaths in urban areas are to the poorest–pedestrians and cyclists!

WCYDo (wich-ee-do What Can You Do?)

1. Buy fair trade products to help poor workers have a living wage to feed their families
2. Fund raise or donate to charities that assist people in the developing world, such as www.eesi.org, www.habitat.org
3. Write to your politicians to increase aid and trade with developing world
4. Share the facts about global urbanisation with family and friends.
5. Write or emails to newspapers to request more coverage of this topic
6. Encouraging others to join campaigns or donate to charities

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2 thoughts on “11. Sustainable cities and communities

  1. Dr Craig Coelho says:

    1. Buy “fair trade products” to help poor workers have a living wage to feed their families… like we do with the people of Latin America, and China’s slave-wage satellites, destroying our own middle class while having a kumbaya moment, giving people “good-paying jobs” making goods for highly profitable sale in the US… and being granted access to those 21st century slaves by governments as corrupt as our own.

    3. Write to your politicians to increase aid and trade with developing world??? You must be joking! USAID almost never gets to the needy, but fills the pockets of puppet dictators we support, and our trade deals only benefit America’s oligarchs. The whole system is a joke, at the expense of all the world’s working classes and poor.

    • Team WCYDo says:

      Hi Craig: sounds like you’re a “glass half full” kind of a person. Sorry you feel negative about simple things folks can try to do “to make a difference”. We could all sit on our hands contemplating perpetual despair, OR we can have a go and at least have the personal satisfaction of doing something. We have over 2000 regular followers of our Social Media channels and the overwhelming feedback is positive. So I think we are making a [small] difference. Best regards Team WCYDo

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