Internal Changes Businesses Can Do to Become More Sustainable

Businesses need to be held accountable as much as consumers in terms of building a more sustainable planet. For example, according to a report by the World Economic Forum, businesses make building sustainable habits easier for consumers who may find it difficult and time-consuming to adjust to certain green practices. Even smaller companies can make a difference in encouraging people to be mindful of their habits.

Still, before they do this, businesses must apply these principles to themselves. To this end, here are some ways businesses can become more sustainable:

Reduce energy consumption

A business runs an office or building for their employees to do their tasks. As such, these establishments run on electricity to power equipment, computers, heating, and lighting. Bigger companies have buildings with many floors and a larger number of employees, thus multiplying energy consumption.

However, this can be reduced by encouraging and reminding employees and staff to turn off equipment and appliances that are not in use. After the workday, lights that are not needed for safety and security purposes should be turned off. Equipment should also be unplugged at night not only to save electricity but also to prevent overheating and fire risks.

Minimise paper use

Using paper cannot be eradicated completely since it is still needed for some transactions. What businesses can do though is to minimise their use through electronic alternatives. Instead of using sticky notes or bits of paper for task reminders, companies can utilise a work communication app like Slack.

Another is to permanently do away with physical company business cards. According to digital business card provider Doorway, six million trees are chopped down annually for card production. With a digital business card, no paper will be used. Employees can also make additions and corrections, and the edits will be applied instantly. They’re also easier to share via email, which is great for online networking events.

Encourage reusable items

Companies can provide beverage stations for their employees to use. These stations use disposable cups for convenience, which adds to waste. By encouraging them to bring reusable tumblers or mugs to the office, single-use items like paper or plastic cups will be decreased.

The same goes for food containers and utensils. If the company has a cafeteria, having employees bring their own containers will lower food waste. They can also keep their food for later instead of throwing it out when they have the proper containers.

Schedule maintenance checks

Offices have a lot of electronic devices that are used every day. These can get worn out due to their extended hours of use and therefore, may often need repairs or even a replacement. By having these electronics checked regularly, businesses can avoid purchasing new ones and contributing to electronic waste. Regular maintenance checks also lessen fire hazards due to overheating or faulty wires.

If certain electronics do need to be thrown out, businesses should ensure their proper disposal. Some electronic device retailers like Apple provide trade-in programs where old devices can be exchanged for a discount on a new device. Another way to discard electronics is to donate them to charities that can repair and give them away to those in need.

As the world suffers from the consequences of pollution and man-made destruction, people need to be more mindful of their practices. Businesses, most of all, should be aware of the sustainable habits they practice before encouraging their clients and consumers to do the same. Here at What Can YOU Do, we encourage everyone to make a difference for a better earth.

Sustainable living tips – enjoy what you are doing without harming our Planet!

We’ve put together a simple list of sustainable living habits anyone can follow to reduce their environmental footprint. The following sustainable tips are easy it’s just a matter of adjusting our daily habits!

A sustainable way of living is what we all should try to follow and help make big changes together! Through our joint efforts, we can have an impact! We are here to inspire you by providing “What Can You Do” hints to help you and your friends and family “Save the Planet”!

Tip #1 – Reduce your food waste and grocery bills:

When you throw away food scraps, it ends in landfill, creating greenhouse gasses. Each time you go shopping, take a list of things you really need to buy. It takes a few minutes to put down such a list at home and you can use it every time you need to buy food, cleansers etc.

When you come to the shop you will know exactly what you need and will not spend money on buying things you don’t need.

Tip #1 - Reduce your food waste and grocery bills
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Tip # 2 Use reusable cups:

Did you know that Australians use 3 billion takeaway hot drink cups a year! Globally these numbers are even higher, of course, and most of these cups are made of new materials!

When you go out to a coffee shop take your own mug! Many coffee shops now sell mugs you can bring with you each time you want a take away coffee.

Use reusable cups
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Tips #3 Save water by installing an efficient showerhead:

Do some research and find a water-efficient showerhead! Some of them can save up to 45% of water!

Reduction of water waste will also impact your monthly water bills, which means you will pay less.

Save water by installing an efficient showerhead
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Tip #4 Turn off thermostat:

You can save on heating! Monitor and maintain your average room temperature within 18-21C.

Remember that every time you raise the temperature of your home, you add to the climate change and increase your heating bills!

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Tips #5 Stop using plastic bags and plastic straws:

Every year about 8 mln tons of plastic is thrown into the ocean, contributing to the plastic pollution of the oceans and sea life. All of this plastic ends up in the landfills and destroys the wildlife, kills birds and animals.

Don’t use plastic straws in bars and restaurants. Take a shopping bag with you instead of using a plastic bag when buying something.

Stop using plastic bags and plastic straws
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Tip #6 Buy local:

Every time you buy something imported to your country you contribute to climate change and pollution.

Why? Because the items produced outside your country need to be packed and delivered!

Buy local
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When you buy food or things produced locally you reduce the pollution and in doing so you help local entrepreneurs.

Here are just a few sustainable living tips to remind you of the importance of our daily actions and choices. Let’s make a change together and involve friends and families to join us in this effort! Thank you!

January 2022

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