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In my first blog post I asked that you commit to following my blogs for the next few weeks to give me a chance to explain the important issues affecting our joint survival. Blog post 2 started to give you some facts about the topic of Poverty and what sorts of actions are needed. Now I want to talk to you about SDG 2, HUNGER.

The problem

The vast majority of the worlds’ hungry people live in developing countries where nearly 13% of the population (about 1 in 9 persons) is undernourished. Two thirds of all those undernourished are from Asia and poor nutrition causes nearly half of the deaths in children under 5. In sub Saharan Africa, the rate of undernourishment is around 23% and in developing countries 1 in 3 children suffer stunted growth because of poor nutrition.

Do you feel guilty and helpless when watching TV reports about the extremely poor and hungry? Do you feel sorry for them and the starving children you see when there are reports of disasters and catastrophes from the developing world? Have you ever thought about what YOU might do to help make the world a better place where hunger and suffering could be reduced? Now is your chance to do something to change the world!

DFID – UK Department for International Development (Flickr: Malnourished children, weakened by hunger) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The facts:

  • 795 million people around the World are under nourished
  • 66 Million primary school age children attend classes hungry
  • 1 person in 9 of the world population goes to bed hungry
  • Hunger kills more people than AIDS, Malaria and TB combined

WCYDo (What Can You Do?)

1. Buy fair trade fruit once a week to help poor farmers
2. Support charities such as www.stophungernow.org, www.riseagainsthunger.org, www.echonet.org www.fmsc.org
3. Share the facts about Hunger to family and friends so they do it too

Encourage others to join us and to visit our Facebook and Twitter feeds  to sign up for our newsletter and information about our proposed WCYDo APP. See you next week on blog post 4, which will be about Health and Well-Being.


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