Why is “What Can You Do?” needed?

Do you feel helpless, frustrated or even angry when you watch TV pictures of starving children, people having to drink dirty, unclean water and  families living in abject poverty?

Do you worry about increasingly polluted seas and climate disasters around the world?

Do you ever feel that something more should be done by someone, somewhere to create a better, fairer world where this should not happen?

Well, something is being done!

During our involvement as specialists reviewing potential performance indicators for possible use on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals ("SDGs"), we became very much aware of, and concerned about, the wider issues, urgency and magnitude of the problems facing our Planet and People.  Unfortunately, while the United Nations (UN) has been pushing ahead with the sustainability agenda, we became increasingly concerned at the apparent lack of awareness of / importance and urgency  of the SDGs amongst friends, colleagues and the public in general.

Everything seemed to be focussed  at international, country  and even corporate level and few individuals could see what they could do to support the SDGs. We concluded we had to find a way to inform people about the urgency of the SDGs . We also wanted to  motivate and assist concerned citizens to commit to actions in their normal daily lives that make a difference and to use Social Media to share their progress with family, friends and wider communities. To turn our Vision into reality, "What Can You Do (Earth) CIC" has set up this website and additional WhatCanYouDo branded social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. We have also developed an App ("WCYDo" - What Can You Do) in order to deliver "Our Mission".

"Get Involved. Make a Difference. Make some NOISE!"