Mobilising others

Why not mobilise those around you to help create a better World!

  1. Family members. Since the “SDGs” individually and in sub groups (“5P’s“) are aimed at creating a better World and reducing the risks of irreversible damage, why not make your family members aware of the SDGs? You could encourage your family to take action as individuals and / or work together as a family unit. “Selected Actions” can be expanded as appropriate for the family – taking on the challenge of sponsoring a girl in the Developing World through primary school. Education – even for one additional year – makes a huge impact on a girl’s future life increasing her earning potential by up to 20%. It is particularly important to involve children as it is their future and their World we are seeking to protect. Involving them will make the whole exercise an important family oriented activity and imbue a sense of responsibility, compassion and awareness.
  1. Friends. As with families, why not make your friends aware of the SDGs and encourage them to create their own “Activity Commitment Framework” (ACF). Your group of friends could agree to take on a bigger commitment collectively as a group – sponsorship of a girl child through primary school in a developing  country. This would  make a huge impact to her future and reduce the risk of poverty for her and her future family.
  1. If you are an Employer. Why not make your staff aware of the SDGs and encourage them to participate as individuals – actively helping the company develop and implement its’ annual “Company Sustainability Report” (CSR). You could organise a company wide “SDG Activists Group” to develop and promote collective actions such as sponsorship or organising a monthly collection to a “regular charity” working in particular sector.
  1. If you are an Employee. Why not make your fellow workers aware of the SDGs and encourage them to get involved? You could also persuade your employer to consider organising a collective action such as sponsorship or “regular charity” donation each month.

Our “WCYDo App” is now ready to inform you and your family and friends  about the SDGs and to help you monitor simple “every-day Actions” that can make a difference . You will also be able to share your progress on Social Media and friends and family will be able to see your progress and contribution towards “Making a Difference“.

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