On-line App Guide

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Opening The App

1.1. Download WCYDo from your local App Store for around US$1.99 (or equivalent plus local taxes) – a symbolic amount close to US$1.90 – the daily income of 10% of the World’s population living in “Extreme Poverty1.

1.2. Tap the WCYDo icon and “Start making a difference!”

1.3. It all starts here – WCYDo works in Portrait Mode and works best on a Smartphone with a good Internet connection.

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Explore SDGs / Learn Facts

2.1  Use the Spinner or directly select a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) – it’s up to you. Take a look at our “5Ps” Special Event Button – People, Prosperity, Peace, Partnerships, Planet!

2.2. Review the Facts & Figures, Targets, WCYDo videos, SDG Memes and a list of Actions you could take.

2.3. SHARE with your friends via Social Media and Make some NOISE!

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Try the QUIZ / Test your Knowledge

3.1. Tap the “Games” icon and test your SDG knowledge!

3.2. Take the QUIZ yourself or in a competition with your friends – buy the winner something from our on-line store!

3.3  Register, and Answer Questions / Give Correct Answers and you can climb the staircase on WCYDo’s HERO Wall!!

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Register for More Options

4.1  Sign in with Facebook, your email address or Apple / Google accounts (if you have them).

4.2. If you haven’t set up an account “Sign up here”. Don’t forget to Review / Accept our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy – these are important!

4.3. First time Users will need to confirm their email address – just making sure it’s you! When Registering please remember to check your SPAM folder.

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Taking Action / Monitoring Progress

5.1  Choose up to 7 Actions from your favourite SDGs. “Sharing the App with friends” is pre-selected – we need all the support we can get! Actions are “weekly” / “4-weekly” commitments.

5.2. Once you’ve committed to your Actions, they’re fixed unless you reset them in Settings. However, once you start recording – best not reset them!

5.3. Each week WCYDo asks what you’ve done. Use the big middle button to record your Completed Actions. If you didn’t manage every Action – never mind – try again next week!

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Share by Social Media

6.1  After each 4-week period we fill up your annual progress summary and start the next Period!

6.2. Tap the “fuel gauge” icon to monitor your week-by-week ProgressShare with your friends to show you‘re doing something!

6.3. Obviously, you’ll need your own Social Media accounts – Make a statement, involve your friends!  If enough people take small Actions, together we CAN make a difference!

NB: Access App Settings via the icon Top Right.

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Deleting App Account and Data

7.1 Log into the WCYDo App – if you haven’t registered you don’t have an account and we don’t hold any data! Tap Settings (Top Right see 6.3 above).

7.2 Scroll down and Tap “Delete My Account”.

7.3 Confirm you want to delete your account and it’s all done.

The WCYDo App will reopen in “Awareness Only” mode ie your login credentials will no longer work but you can still anonymously review the SDG information

NB: If you wish to remove the App refer to your mobile phone instructions.

Table of contents