What is “What Can You Do?” ?

Community Interest Company / Social Enterprise: A Social Enterprise is all about combining business with social justice and using business and enterprise as a force for good and a way of enabling change.  It is estimated there are over 70,000 Social Enterprises in the UK, ranging from new start-ups at the grassroots through to large multi-million-pound organisations with thousands of employees.  It is a diverse and exciting movement to be part of.  Social Enterprises change people’s lives in lots of different ways: through creating jobs; through preventing environmental waste; through reinvesting profits into community activity; through developing new services to help the most vulnerable.

Social Enterprises are different from traditional business in that they:

  • Have a primary social mission or purpose similar to a charity;
  • Do not  exist to maximise profit for shareholders;
  • Do not  exist to make owners wealthy;
  • Measure the social impact and difference they make.

What Can You Do (Earth) CIC is based in the UK. and its activities are overseen by the UK government regulator.   Its main objective is to mobilise and motivate individuals, families & friends, make a commitment to supporting the "SDGs".  We do this by providing curated information to read and download. We want to stimulate personal commitment and enable Ordinary people to Do What They Can:

"Get Involved. Make a Difference. Make some NOISE!"