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    Get involved – Help us Make a Difference, Make some NOISE!
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There are many different ways you can support our efforts to create a fairer and safer World for all.

Just by downloading our WCYDo App you show you understand the importance of us all doing something, and that the small actions of an individual multiplied many times can have a major impact on global problems – thank you!

We each play many different roles in life and each of these can be a means to help inform and encourage others to recognise urgent problems and take action:

  • If you are part of a family, you can encourage other family members and children to learn the shocking facts about global problems – play the WCYDo Quiz with them – so that together you take on the challenge as a family and monitor and share your progress via Social Media!
  • Why not shock and inform your friends and get them to be competitive in the WCYDo Quiz and learn important facts as you have fun playing the game?
  • Use your Social Media to share progress, let others know that you are doing your bit to help the World, and challenge them to do their bit too.
  • Purchase WCYDo merchandise with logos and messages to inform others (WhatCanYouDo – Shop) about the urgency of the problem and help provide us with funds to support and continue this vital work.
  • Through personal example encourage others to use the selection of sustainable products and services supplied by our Affiliates listed on our “Sustainability Heroes Wall”(WhatCanYouDo – Heroes).
  • As an Employee, inform and shock your colleagues about the scale of the problem and the need to take urgent action by downloading the WCYDo App. Get them to join us in our efforts!
  • As an Employer, organise and encourage your Employees to participate by providing encouragement and companywide benefits through sustainability commitments monitored via the WCYDo App e.g. sponsoring a girl student in a developing country to increase her future life chances!
  • As a company, get your business to take up one of the sponsorship levels (WhatCanYouDo – Sponsorship) e.g. on the Spinner of our WCYDo App, and let your company be known as a key supporter of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Become an individual sponsor (WhatCanYouDo – Sponsor) and become a named character in one of our WCYDo YouTube videos and let your friends and family see your commitment – you might even end up in a Hollywood Film!!
  • Donations are always welcome via our website (WhatCanYouDo – Support Us). Donate over $250 and get your name on our “sponsor’s Wall”!
  • Finally, become one of our active “Ambassadors” – informing and encouraging others to take action, download the WCYDo App, and join our efforts. Those who successfully recruit large numbers e.g. recruit 100 = Bronze level Ambassador; recruit 250 = Silver Ambassador; recruit 500 = Gold Ambassador; recruit 1000 = Platinum Ambassador.  As an Ambassador your efforts will be recognised and your name added to our “Earth Hero Wall” (WhatCanYouDo – Earth Hero)

What Can You Do (Earth) C.I.C is now a “Community Interest Company” which is regulated by a UK Government-appointed CIC regulator.  The CIC Regulator ensures that a CIC company operates in the interests of the community and that a large part of any operating surplus is applied to benefit the community.  In our case, 70 % of any surplus will be used to support and expand our efforts – encouraging individuals to start taking action to help us make a fairer and safer World for all.

Please join us and help us do just that!