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RSS Sustainable Development Goals – The Guardian

  • Street Child World Cup: 'I lived on a train, surviving on leftover food' | Jo Griffin May 18, 2018
    More than 200 young people from across the world headed for Moscow in advance of the World Cup to play football and speak out on street children’s rightsFor three boys in the Kenyan team, taking part in the Street Child World Cup in Moscow has meant swapping their prison shirts for football kit. The teenagers […]
    Jo Griffin in Moscow
  • Dignity, community and hope in the Haitian slum of Jalousie – in pictures May 10, 2018
    Behind the brightly painted exterior of Jalousie, one of Haiti’s largest slums, lies a community struggling with a lack of sanitation, intermittent electricity and rivers of plastic waste. Conservative estimates suggest more than 80,000 people now live in Jalousie, many of whom arrived after the 2010 earthquake, which the area miraculously escaped relatively unscathed. Life […]
  • Spend more aid on early years education for a life of opportunity | Sarah Brown April 11, 2018
    Why is education for young children still overlooked even though the huge benefits of this investment are obvious to all?A child’s most important steps happen before they set foot in a primary school. By their fifth birthday, their brain will already be 90% developed and the foundations for success at school and in later life […]
    Sarah Brown
  • 'Millions missing out': aid fails to make the grade on early years education April 11, 2018
    Calls for urgent action as report reveals nutrition and health projects take bulk of funds for children under six, while schooling gets 1%Just 1% of international aid dedicated to young children’s development is being targeted on pre-school education, according to a report that warns spending is imbalanced and short-sighted.While global funding for early childhood development […]
    Rebecca Ratcliffe
  • Jeremy Corbyn puts new focus on inequality but the old challenges loom March 26, 2018
    Labour’s vision to reshape the world order will require political will to end tax evasion and create a fairer global economyIn the foreword to Labour’s new policy paper, Jeremy Corbyn characterises the party’s vision for development as “a progressive, outward-looking, global view, driven by social justice and human rights”. So far, so expected.For those who […]
    Lucy Lamble

RSS Sustainable Development Goals – UN

  • New UN agency guidelines aim to sustain forest benefits for future generations May 10, 2018
    New guidelines designed to give poor and isolated communities more of a say in how tropical forests are used and preserved around the world were published on Thursday, by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The FAO is the lead United Nations agency on the sustainable use of forests, and the voluntary guidelines refer [...] […]
    Vesna Blazhevska
  • Urgency Underlined as Bonn Climate Talks Close May 10, 2018
    UN Climate Change News 10 May, 2018 – Against the backdrop of a record hot April in the host country of Germany, governments are concluding two weeks of talks aimed at preparing the Paris Agreement’s operational guidelines for adoption at the annual climate conference to be held in Katowice, Poland in December. The guidelines are […]
    Vesna Blazhevska
  • UN forum to coordinate global efforts to address worsening water shortages May 7, 2018
    With extreme weather costing hundreds of billions a year and fears that by 2050, one in four people will be living in a country affected by severe water shortages, a global conference got underway on Monday convened by the United Nations meteorological agency to manage the precious resource more sustainably. The problem has been further […]
    Vesna Blazhevska
  • ‘Bad’ fats targeted in new global health guidelines May 4, 2018
    People everywhere need to cut down on their consumption of artery-clogging fatty foods, the World Health Organization (WHO) is urging, in a new report released on Friday. The initiative is a bid to prevent some of the 17 million deaths caused every year by cardiovascular diseases, which have been linked to food containing saturated fats […]
    Vesna Blazhevska
  • Hottest April day ever recorded – maybe: UN weather watchdog May 4, 2018
    Deadly storms in India and record temperatures in Pakistan are an indication that more extreme weather events are happening globally owing to climate change, United Nations weather experts said on Friday. Amid flash-floods in the East and Horn of Africa - and sand and dust storms in the Arabian Gulf - Clare Nullis from [...] […]
    Vesna Blazhevska