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  • All those who are displaced by crisis and conflict need help and protection | Letter September 19, 2018
    57 leaders of faith and religious organisations, groups and communities, call for national governments and their leaders to ensure that internally displaced people get the help they needWe, leaders of faith and religious organisations, groups and communities, including those supporting the Charter for Faith-Based Humanitarian Action, are compelled by our faiths to come together to […]
  • Bill Gates: 'Trump is open-minded' – video September 18, 2018
    As the Gates Foundation launches its report on progress in the fight against poverty, the philanthropist talks to Polly Toynbee about the challenges ahead. Gates discusses the US president's approach to foreign aid, sharing his hopes for Trump ‘as a human being who cares about other human beings’The Now generation is a series produced in […]
    Polly Toynbee , Jem Talbot, Bryan Tucker, Claudine Spera, Liz Ford
  • IMF boss: it should be politically incorrect for firms not to have senior women September 17, 2018
    Christine Lagarde says tackling gender inequality will boost growth and productivityThe head of the International Monetary Fund has said it should be “politically incorrect” for companies not to have a woman in a senior position.Christine Lagarde said even companies with “no moral compass” should recognise they can boost their profits through promoting women to senior […]
    Richard Partington
  • Zika and health cuts blamed for rise in baby death rates in Brazil July 17, 2018
    Increase is a blow for country once lauded for improvements in child health, as figures worsen for first time since 1990The number of children dying in their first year of life has risen in Brazil for the first time since 1990.It’s a worrying setback for a country once seen as a model of poverty reduction. […]
    Dom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro
  • Buzzwords and tortuous impact studies won't fix a broken aid system | 15 leading economists July 16, 2018
    Fifteen leading economists, including three Nobel winners, argue that the many billions of dollars spent on aid can do little to alleviate poverty while we fail to tackle its root causes Development efforts over the past few decades have not been as effective as promised.Global poverty remains intractable: more than 4 billion people live on […]
    Guardian Staff

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