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RSS Sustainable Development Goals – The Guardian

  • Italy to put sustainability and climate at heart of learning in schools November 6, 2019
    Country will become first to make study of global heating and human influence on natural resources compulsory in state schoolsItaly is to become the first country in the world to make sustainability and climate crisis compulsory subjects for schoolchildren.State schools will begin incorporating the UN’s 2030 agenda for sustainable development into as many subjects as […]
    Kate Hodal
  • Almost all 10-year-olds in world's poorest countries struggle to read October 18, 2019
    World Bank targets ‘learning poverty’ as research shows major shortfall in basic reading skills among least privileged childrenNine out of 10 children in the world’s poorest countries are unable to read a basic book by the age of 10 – a situation mirrored in reverse in rich countries, where only 9% cannot do so by […]
    Lucy Lamble
  • How do we feed the world without destroying it? | Bob Geldof October 16, 2019
    Hunger and the climate crisis are inextricably linked - the challenge is how to solve one while not exacerbating the otherHunger is the most awful and profound expression of poverty. It exists in every country. It is something that most people can identify with on some perhaps primordial level. The fear of hunger is etched […]
    Bob Geldof
  • Higher temperatures driving 'alarming' levels of hunger – report October 14, 2019
    Global hunger index finds countries affected by drought and conflict have seen biggest increases in undernourished peopleThe climate crisis is driving alarming levels of hunger in the world, undermining food security in the world’s most vulnerable regions, according to this year’s global hunger index.The annual report, a ranking of 117 countries measuring hunger rates and […]
    Lucy Lamble
  • We've got a deadline to save people and planet – let's start the charge September 26, 2019
    The sustainable development goals, which promise to end extreme poverty and inequality by 2030, are alarmingly off track. It’s not too late to act We might seem a strange group to be writing this together – a British film-maker, a Libyan-Canadian doctor and women’s rights activist, and an indigenous leader from Chad – but what […]
    Richard Curtis, Alaa Murabit and Hindou Ibrahim

RSS Sustainable Development Goals – UN

  • World TV Day: A Look at UN Partnerships with the Entertainment Industry in 2019 November 21, 2019
    World TV Day is celebrated on 21 November each year in recognition of the impact television has on our lives and its potential to influence decision making. In 2019, the United Nations was proud to collaborate with the entertainment industry on three TV-related projects promoting the Sustainable Development Goals to young people and the young-at-heart […]
  • UN chief calls for ‘green and clean’ development in message for Africa Industrialization Day November 20, 2019
    As African countries gear up to implement an historic free trade agreement, the UN Secretary-General is urging leaders to pursue economic growth that benefits both people and the planet. Read Full Story on UN News The post UN chief calls for ‘green and clean’ development in message for Africa Industrialization Day appeared first on United […]
  • Tuesday’s Daily Brief: Israeli settlements, Sahel crisis, Iran protests, reconciliation for peace, World Toilet Day November 19, 2019
    A recap of Tuesday’s stories in brief: UN ‘regret’ over US settlements reversal; Almost daily attacks plunge Sahel into ‘three-country crisis’;  live ammunition reportedly used against Iranian protesters; reconciliation helps ‘repair fractures’, promote peace; call for poorest countries to take leading role in their own development agendas; and World Toilet Day. Read Full Story on […]
  • World Toilet Day 2019: Tackling Global Sanitation Crisis, Leaving No One Behind November 19, 2019
    The theme of this year’s World Toilet Day is ‘Leaving no one behind’, [...] The post World Toilet Day 2019: Tackling Global Sanitation Crisis, Leaving No One Behind appeared first on United Nations Sustainable Development.
    Minna Pajari
  • Sustainable fishing staying afloat in developed world, sinking in poorer regions November 19, 2019
    More people than ever rely on fisheries and aquaculture for food, and income, but the seafood industry is facing a “dangerous” sustainability divide when comparing trends in the developed world versus those in poorer regions, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) revealed on Monday.   Read Full Story on UN News The post Sustainable fishing […]