Primary and secondary sources of information presented in SDG videos on this website and in the "WCYDo App"

Primary sources for Facts & Figures come from the relevant original United Nations' (UN) website pages indicated.  We recognise there is a continuous updating of facts as more information becomes available or further studies are undertaken e.g. Climate Change is happening faster than originally thought, Ice Cap melting is faster than was thought when the SDGs were originally developed.

We have deliberately taken the decision not to keep all Facts & Figures updated as, apart from being an immensely difficult task, the Facts & Figures in the original UN SDGs were sufficiently worrisome to demand action so it is neither necessary nor possible to keep updating every single fact given that whenever a new study or report comes out it tends to suggest the situation is even worse than thought!

Where additional useful information or facts were available from the various "specialists Charities and NGOs" active in each SDG we have tried to include such information where feasible to supplement the UN data.

However, for the purposes of these references, our published information is largely based on the original Facts & Figures as provided by the UN’s SDG Websites.