What Can You Do To Save Water

What can you do to save water

Water is the most important element in our life. Today we observe severe shortages of water supplies around the globe which are the result of the poor management of water and other natural resources.

We have to cope and solve this problem as soon as possible, and everyone needs to be aware of what to do to save water.

The first steps towards sustainable use of water you need to take at your home. Just check the bathroom for any water leaks. Be reminded that even a tiny leak of water may lead to wasting 100 gallons of water a day.

Do not use the toilet to flush the cigarette butts and ashtray. Every time you throw away cigarette buts and ashtray you use about 6 gallons of water! Calculate how many times a day you flush the water, maybe it is time to rethink this habit and start saving water.

Surely one of the easiest ways to save the water at home or in the office is to turn off the taps. You should keep your water consumption under control and ensure no water is wasted.

You can save up to 6 liters of water a minute simply by turning off the tap when you brush your teeth in the morning – one of the Actions you can decide to monitor via our WCYDo App download

If you are really concerned of what can you do to save water – start taking shorter showers. Turn off the water tap when not in use. Keep in mind that on average 6-7 gallons of water is used every minute to take a shower.

What Can You Do To Save Water

In order to reduce the wastage of water at home you can install water-saving shower heads. Also, there are flow restrictors for sale in many shops, they are quite inexpensive. These supplies are very easy to clean and install, most probably you won’t need any professional assistance to fix them. Thus, spending a couple of dollars you can be one step closer to a sustainable way of living.

After you have improved all the devices in your bathroom, it is time to change your habits a bit and start using baths instead of taking showers to reduce the wastage of water. You can fill in the tub partially and use less water compared to if you were taking a shower.

There are many easy “what can you do” habits you can get used to become more sustainable in your daily life. One of them is turning off the water while shaving.

What Can You Do To Save Water for future

Every day we wash dishes and use a lot of water. There is a way to be more responsible in your daily usage of water – fill in the dishwasher for full loads. This way will save water and also will save electricity at home. As a result – smaller monthly electricity bill!

The same approach should be applied to your washing machine. Of course, each machine has specific maximum loads and you need to check that beforehand. But turn it on only when the washing machine is fully loaded. You will save up to 35 gallons of water and again, will save electricity.

We are used to running water every time we wash something, for example, the vegetables. But you can simply fill in a bowl or a sink and wash the vegetables.

If you drink a lot of water, and prefer it cold, it is better to keep a bottle of water in the fridge. This way you won’t have to turn on the tap to cool down the running water, this is what you can do to save water at home.

Make sure to turn off the tap if you are washing the dishes by hand.

Do not overwater your lawns! Water them only when there is a real need for that and during cool parts of the day. Do not water the lawns on windy days! Also, you can install the irrigation systems. For outdoor watering you can install the rain barrel to collect rainwater and use it later in the garden. If you need to plant more trees in your garden – plan it for spring or autumn, when there is less need for watering.

If you need to clean the territory near your house, use the broom to clean instead of the gallons of water.

Reuse the water, where it is possible.

If you need to wash the car – use the buckets to save the water.

If you love swimming – attend a community pool instead of fling your own and using plenty of water for it.

You should always monitor the usage of water at your home, this is your responsibility. If you notice some discrepancy in your water bill, you should request your local government to conduct a water audit at your home.

Save water at home

Be inventive, – create water saving goals for you and your family and check monthly how it works – USE OUR WCYDo APP!

Be a sustainable citizen, teach your kids and involve others! Saving water is easy. These simple habits will help to conserve the water, reduce the wastage of water and help us have a better future.

In case you are not sure or need more advice on what can you do to save water at home, visit your local water conservation society, and discuss the issues that worry you or you need advice. Alternatively, there are plenty of Sustainable Communities on social media, where you will find people who share your values and are ready to help you with recommendations and support.

Help us spread a word about the sustainable living tips, the more people change their mindsets, the more chances to save our Planet!

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