Why should you care?

With current over consumption, ever increasing populations and limitations on production, Earth’s resources will not sustain Mankind unless something is done urgently to change the way we abuse and over exploit our planet. The damaged environment and depletion of resources, pollution of the seas and dangerous air quality in some of our major cities  etc. will increase poverty and hardship for those least able to cope with it. It will also  affect the ability of future generations to enjoy the beauty of Nature or perhaps even to  survive.

If temperatures exceed the 2 degree Global warming limit, there will be many more natural disasters , refugees ,increased poverty and famine around the world. In order to stop this, governments, business, NGOs and individuals need to work together and to take more responsibility for their own actions that can affect sustainability. Implementing the SDGs will improve lives, protect the Planet over the next 15 years and will reduce the risks to our Planet and future generations.

You therefore MUST care and do what YOU can personally and must motivate others such as  work colleagues, friends and family around you to also participate and to do what they can. You must also make sure to push your politicians at Local and National level to do what they have promised so that the SDG targets can be achieved to help us create a better, fairer and safer world for all.

There is no Planet B !