What can you do to save electricity at home?

What can you do to save electricity at home

In what way can you reduce your electric bill? You already know that you can save a lot of money if you become energy efficient.

Another advantage of saving electricity at home is that you are reducing emissions. You can help save our planet and the environment.

What can people do to save electricity?

Use energy saving bubbles and appliances to reduce pollution and save energy and your efforts to save electricity at home will reduce your monthly bills and save you money.

However, high levels of electricity consumption all over the world remains a major environmental issue.

Most electricity is produced using products from mining and drilling. We consume electricity generated from coal, natural gas and oil. All of this increases the growth of emissions and harms our Planet, our health and the environment that we live in.

Furthermore, although the use of electricity is cleaner than using fossil fuels , we should keep in mind that it is still harmful to our environment if used in an excessively wasteful manner.

Today the frequency of natural disasters has increased significantly around the globe. This is why every day we must remember and apply easy sustainable living tips which we can follow in our everyday life.

One of the actions we can take is to save electricity at home as this will help to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce pollution.

You can reduce the number of appliances in your kitchen, which consume too much electricity for cooking food and for cooling the premises.

By doing so you will also reduce your utilities bills. For example , approximately 10% of your bill for heating can be saved if you turn down your thermostat by just 1°C.

75% of all the electricity in your house or in your apartment is used by appliances which are plugged in and switched on but which are not in use!

Just walk around your house, check for the plugged in devices, which are not currently in use.

These can be video consoles, TV sets, and computers turned on but on a standby mode.

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Turn them off to save energy at home and reduce your monthly bills.

Pay attention to the older versions of the appliances, in most cases they consume more electricity compared to newer models. This is what we can do to reduce use of electricity at home, to save the environment and to be more sustainable.

Just remember to unplug all the appliances, which are not in use at your home and this will be your contribution to sustainable living (and safety).

One more tip on what you can do to save electricity at home is to use large electric appliances more efficiently. To save energy at home, load the maximum permitted load into your washing machine.

This way you will reduce the number of cycles the machine will be on. Do not wash just 1 or 2 items in your washing machine as that will waste electricity .

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Washing your clothes in cold water is another sustainable living tip of what we can do to save electricity at home and reduce our electric bills. Washing clothes in cold water is perfectly OK for some items and you can always turn on warm washing when needed.

But what is the best way to save electricity at home? – Let your clothes and dishes dry naturally!

Just use the energy of the sun for the clothes to dry, and you won’t have to pay for anything at all. If you have no other way out and need to use a dryer – stick to the lower settings to save energy.

When using a dishwasher you can skip using the heated drying cycle. Just stop the appliance and open the door for the air to dry your dishes naturally.

Modern technologies tend to create new devices and new machines which use less energy. If you are going to buy new appliances, check for the energy efficiency to make sure purchase of this appliance will help you save electricity at home.

In addition you can install a thermostat which can be programmed at your home and reduce your heating bills significantly.

Programming the temperature inside your home so it heats up 1 or 2 hours before you arrive home will make your home more sustainable and heated only when you need it. No energy will be wasted and you can save electricity at home and reduce your energy bills.

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What else can you do to lower your electric bill? Use shorter showers! Turn on or program timer on your water heating appliance 1 hour before taking a shower.

You can use the same approach with regards to air conditioners and heaters. Program them to turn on only when you need them and you will save electricity.

Another way to save electricity at home is to adjust the use of artificial light. First of all remember to turn off all the lights at your home, which are not in use and in addition, buy higher wattage bulbs to make sure your room is lit enough.

You can purchase 1x 100 watt bulb instead of 4x 60 watts bulbs. Better still, invest in LED lights in preference to incandescent bulbs!

Do not forget that the natural light is the cheapest option – just let the sun in and you will save electricity.

Check the temperature settings inside your fridge. Are you sure you need this level of temperature that the refrigerator is operating at ?

Be sustainable and notch the temperature down. Even a few degrees of temperature change will impact the amount of electricity consumed and hence the energy bills .

During cold seasons you must make sure there are no draughts in your home because drafts and leaking of air in your home may mean that the home is not being heated properly in winter or cooled enough during the hot season.

Use all of the tips of what you can do to save electricity at home and you will not only reduce your energy bills but will contribute to sustainable living, saving our environment and our Planet.

Please share your tips on saving electricity at home and in the comments below tell our readers the best ways to save electricity at home from your point of view.

what can you do to save electricity at home

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