What does Wcydo do?

Wcydo (wich-ee-do) provides basic information and an overview of each of the 17 SGDs in the  easy to understand format of cartoon videos. These SDGs have been developed to address the biggest Global problems facing mankind’s survival on Earth. Wcydo tries to summarise the scale and nature of the problem under each SDG by presenting background statistics to show the magnitude and seriousness of the problem in that sector. It then identifies the sorts of actions that are needed at Global level and the targets that have been agreed by the UN member countries. It also identifies the kinds of more simple local action that can be taken by individuals themselves or with their friends and families to support the different areas of activity covered by the 5 sub groups of SDGs.

In the very near future, a Wcydo  App will be developed and made available  at a very low price. Individuals, families and groups of friends will be able to use it to identify small tasks or activities  they could do with minimal inconvenience to their normal lives . They will also be  able to monitor their weekly, monthly and annual progress towards making their desired contribution to support the SDGs.