What is Wcydo?

The abbreviation Wcydo (pronounced wich-ee-do) stands for "What Can YOU Do?". Wcydo is  based in the  UK. It's main objective is to mobilise and motivate individuals, their families and friends to make a commitment to supporting the SDGs. It will help and encourage them to do this  by providing information and tools they can download. These will allow them to monitor their own SDG related activities and contributions and to share these with friends and family via social media.  We want to stimulate personal commitment  to get  everyone to do  what they can.

Wcydo operates a Facebook page, a website and  a downloadable App that will inform, encourage and assist individuals to do small actions in their normal daily life which  can help to create a better world. If everyone does just a little bit, our combined efforts can contribute to resolving some of the biggest  Global problems facing Mankind such as hunger, poverty and climate change. The App will be made available deliberately at a very low below cost price of $1.25  to maximise widespread distribution -  less than half the cost of 1 coffee in many countries so we can support distribution to as many as possible . The amount is chosen to remind users  that 1 in 5 people in developing world live on less than $1.25 per day!

Instead of feeling sadness, sorrow or anger about the inequalities in the world and the lack of progress being made  on such things, we ask “what can YOU do?” (wcydo - wich-ee-do?) to help solve these problems.

Wcydo website, social media and the App are in process of being developed and we hope you will join in our effort to create a better, fairer world.