Selecting the tasks to be done

As indicated earlier, the 17 SDGs can be regrouped into 5 subgroups called the 5Ps - People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnerships. It is accepted that individuals cannot do all the tasks that need to be done in all 17 SDGs. However, it is possible to select tasks that can be done within a single  sub group. For example, if it is decided to take action on the People sub group, then tasks might be  selected from the list of tasks drawn from the 5 "people related" SDGs included within that particular subgroup. These will be tasks related to poverty, hunger, health, education and equity and could be tasks such as:

  1. Buy fair trade fruit once per week to help poor farmers
  2. Buy 1 fair trade (non fruit) product once per month to help poor workers
  3. Write once a month to newspapers share facts about poverty or hunger
  4. Write to local  or national politicians to ask for action on poverty and other issues
  5. Volunteer at least 1 hour per week to a relevant charity dealing with poverty
  6. Donate or fund raise  once a month to an appropriate charity e.g.
  7. Donate some food to a foodbank
  8. inform friends and family and get them to take action too
  9. Encourage and support women into leadership positions.

The choice and number of tasks will depend upon the degree of commitment of the individual. However, it can be seen that all of these are relatively straightforward  to accomplish without causing major disruption, cost or inconvenience to the individual. Up to 8 tasks should be selected to create an Activity Commitment Framework (ACF). The number of tasks should not be more than those that the individual feels are within his/her capability to manage without imposing too much inconvenience to his/her normal activities or life. The activity has to be sustainable over an extended period of time to have the desired impact so individuals should not overload themselves. The commitment required is that the individual should be willing do the selected tasks for 1 whole year. That will give adequate time to have a real impact and will develop some good habits that may continue into future years. The App will be designed to provide motivation and interesting information frequently to keep the individual engaged/interested. Monitoring will be done on a weekly basis to gauge progress towards a 4 week goal. Progress charts will be available to show weekly and accumulative monthly and annual progress. These will be easy to share from the App with friends and family on social media.