Selecting the SDGs for your action

There are 17 SDGs dealing with the biggest problems facing Mankind and the dangers facing the Earth. These include hunger, poverty and lack of clean water for the many millions struggling to bring up families in developing countries. They also include the pollution, deforestation and climate change which may make the world uninhabitable unless we take urgent and effective action as individuals and encourage friends and family to also to do what they can.

Click on each SDG to view a cartoon video and to see what you and your family can do to help change the world.


These 17 SDGs have been grouped for convenience into 5 subgroups of SDGs (People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnerships). Click on each sub group to view a cartoon video.

The selection of tasks for monitoring will be done from the lists of tasks under each of the 17 SDGs and individuals will be able to select the areas of activity and the actions that are of most interest to them.