Your Impact

We want to help and motivate individuals, groups of friends and families to track, share and discuss progress on their actions to change the world. In order to do this, we are developing an App that can be downloaded onto a phone, pad or computer. This App allows selection of a number of small actions that can be done by an individual as part his/her normal daily life. These small actions, if aggregated with similar actions taken by many millions of others around the world, will help us all create a better world. The App will be made available deliberately at the very low, below cost, price of $1.25 to maximise widespread distribution The has been selected  to  emphasise that 1 in 5 people in developing world live on less than $1.25 per day - less than  half the cost of 1 coffee in many countries!

Figure 1: Illustration only of proposed App and how it might work on an IPhone (actual App will work on both iPhone and Android phones).

Figure 1 is an illustration only of how task selection might work. There are 17 SDGs that can be grouped into the 5 P sub groups of activity People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnerships. Individuals will be able to build their activities and commitments  by choosing actions/tasks from a selection of suggested activities listed under  each of the 17 SDGs.  Individuals can create their own personal Activity Commitment Framework (ACF) in the App by selecting up to 8 actions or activities from within their selected SDGs. These tasks and commitments built into the ACF, can later be  monitored weekly, monthly and annually. A person may choose to do this ACF personally as an individual and persuade other individual members of his family and his group of friends to also create their own individual ACFs on similar, relatively easy things that they might commit to do. Alternatively, he may also combine with his family or group of friends to create a  joint ACF to take collective action on a few issues that may require more commitment but have greater impact. This could be items such as sponsoring a girl child in a developing country through school for 1 or 2 years which can significantly improve life chances and future income earning capacity of such a girl. The  joint ACF will be treated and monitored in the same way as an individual ACF so the organiser of the joint ACF will need to consult with his group once a week to find out if they completed their agreed activity. He/she can then enter the group  data and later report back to his group on the collective progress being achieved by the group.

We want you, as the potential users, to be involved in helping guide us on what needs to be included in the App, how information should be presented etc. and we welcome your support, comments and suggestions. We will be doing a crowdfunding launch within the next few months and  will undertake some surveys in the coming weeks. Please sign up for our newsletter on  or in our News section on this website so that we can keep you updated on developments. We hope you will assist us in understanding better what would be most helpful and useful to you. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter and contact us with your thoughts and suggestions.

This Wcydo (wich-ee-do) website and related social media outlets are intended to motivate people to do something. Our intention is to  make the App widely available to all who may want to use it around the world and to make a minimal charge for its download from Apple, Google or other App stores.