COVID-19 Facts and Figures


Please follow these simple recommendations and stay safe!

  1. Virus infection can occur if within  2 meters (6.5 feet) of an infected person 
  2. Crowded places especially indoors increases risk of infection 
  3. Sick persons must stay at home to reduce spread of virus 
  4. Interactions with people outside the workplace and home should be minimized to reduce risk 
  5. Communal sleeping areas must be avoided 
  6. Work from home  is safer and avoids avoid crowded places
  7. Do not sneeze or cough onto hands better to use tissues or sleeves to cover mouth and nose 
  8. Hands must be washed after using a tissue 
  9. Frequently touched objects and surfaces must be cleaned / disinfected .
  10. Wearing gloves instead of washing hands does not help as hands get contaminated from gloves as gloves are taken off 
  11. Hands need to be washed properly and frequently with soap to minimize  infection

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