1. Poverty

SDG 1, Poverty         Earth year 4,492,056,017
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Last week in my introductory blog I asked that you commit to following my blogs each week for the next few weeks to give me a chance to explain the important issues affecting our joint survival. I was pleased to see that Mankind appears to have at last begun to recognise the risks and is taking action but you need to make sure the promises of the leaders are delivered.

I would like to now give you some basic facts about the biggest and most important Global issues that need to be addressed and what sorts of actions you should take. In today’s Blog post I want to talk about SDG 1 – POVERTY.

By Jonathan McIntosh (Own work) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The problem

Did you know that the highest poverty rates are found in small conflict affected countries and that every day 42,000 people have to abandon their homes to seek  protection from conflict or war? Do you feel guilty when watching TV reports about the extremely poor and the starving children in refugee camps that you see when there are reports of disasters and catastrophes? Have you ever thought about what YOU might do to help make the world a better place where such poverty and suffering could be reduced? Now is your chance to do something!

The facts

  • 736 million people live in extreme poverty
  • One in ten persons in developing world lives on less than $1.90 a day
  • Agriculture is the single largest employer and and the biggest source of income for 40% of the global population and the largest source of income for poor households

What Can You Do?

  1. Buy fair trade fruit once a week to help poor farmers
  2. Buy a fair trade (non fruit) product once a month to help poor workers
  3. Donate to charities, such as www.oxfam.org, www.care.org, www.savethechildren.net
  4. Share the facts about Poverty to family and friends so they do it too

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See you on my next blog, which will be on the topic of HUNGER!