Sustainability Heroes



This page will highlight organisations and individuals who offer products or services related to  sustainability. These are organisations  that we want to recognise for the innovative products, activities or actions that they engage in and which we feel contribute particularly significantly to sustainability. Periodically we will highlight in our  newsletter, those products or services that  our network of activists indicates are particularly good and warrant more  recognition for their efforts and activities. Those selected apart from receiving increased publicity amongst our network  will also receive our  Certificate of Recognition as a "Sustainability Hero" which they can display and use in their marketing activities.

We want to bring these "Sustainability Heroes" to the attention of our Global community of concerned citizens to increase awareness of their activities and contributions and to raise awareness of their products, services or activities.This, as a result, may  increase visits to their websites and perhaps even increase their sales or donations.

We welcome nominations of organisations, individuals, products and services for  inclusion in this section of the website  and for possible later assessment as a potential "Sustainability hero".