We need persons with expertise

Help us !!

Do you want to help us create a safer and fairer world ?

Around 10% of the world population has to live on less than $1.90 a day – less than a cup of coffee in most countries!.

Climate change and pollution will make the world un inhabitable unless we take urgent, appropriate action. We are trying
to raise awareness of such issues and to encourage individuals to take small actions in their normal daily lives that can
help make a difference.

We have developed a website and an App and now need assistance to make it more widely available.

We need persons with expertise in:

  1. Fundraising / crowd funding
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. IT support / maintenance for the website and the APP

Inputs will initially be voluntary ( with possibility of some sharing from fundraising and affiliate marketing ) but once we
raise adequate funding, individuals working with us will have an opportunity to become paid employees

If interested in discussing possibilities, please contact the WCYDo team at

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