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  • Earth Day 2020 could mark the year we stop taking the planet for granted April 22, 2020
    The 50th annual call for environmental reform falls at a time when the health of people and nature has never been more urgentFifty years ago today, the first Earth Day was marked in the United States as a peaceful call for environmental reform, following a massive oil spill off the coast of California. Half a […]
    Richard Deverell
  • Coronavirus could turn back the clock 30 years on global poverty April 9, 2020
    Economic impact of global shutdown could push half a billion people into privation, researchers warnCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageHalf a billion people could be pushed into poverty as economies around the world shrink because of the coronavirus outbreak, a new study has warned.Poverty levels in developing countries could be set back by […]
    Kaamil Ahmed
  • 'Big wake-up call': survey shows work remains on women's reproductive rights April 1, 2020
    Efforts to achieve gender equality by 2030 are being hampered by lack of progress on reproductive health issues, says UN body Almost half of women and girls living in more than 50 countries around the world are not able to make their own decisions about their reproductive rights, with up to a quarter saying they […]
    Liz Ford
  • Zimbabwe's president appeals for help to end country's 'financial isolation' February 28, 2020
    Emmerson Mnangagwa makes passionate plea for support as he targets upper middle-income status by 2030The president of Zimbabwe has appealed for help in pulling his debt-ridden country out of “financial isolation”.Emmerson Mnangagwa made his passionate call for international funding after he failed to secure new loans from the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, African […]
    Nyasha Chingono in Victoria Falls
  • The world is failing to ensure children have a 'liveable planet', report finds February 19, 2020
    Children in biggest carbon-emitting nations are healthiest, while those with tiny environmental footprints suffer twofold from poor health and living at the sharp end of the climate crisisEvery country in the world is failing to shield children’s health and their futures from intensifying ecological degradation, climate change and exploitative marketing practices, says a new report.The […]
    Saeed Kamali Dehghan

RSS Sustainable Development Goals – UN

  • Bicycles: Setting the wheels of change in motion during and after COVID-19  June 3, 2020
    World Bicycle Day highlights the potential for transforming the way the world moves around, before and after the COVID-19 pandemic, helping create a healthier, more sustainable future, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday.
  • UN chief underlines need to protect refugees and migrants in COVID-19 pandemic June 3, 2020
    The UN Secretary-General has expressed hope that the COVID-19 crisis will lead to a rethinking of how the world supports refugees, migrants and internally displaced people. Read Full Story on UN News
  • ‘Unprecedented’ financing needed to halt recession of ‘unparalleled proportions’: Mohammed June 2, 2020
    As COVID-19 has halted economic activity and threatens social wellbeing across the globe, the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) held a wide-ranging policy discussion on Tuesday, exploring financing options to address the pandemic and mobilize the resources needed for a proactive recovery. Read Full Story on UN News
  • Put human rights at the centre of coronavirus response urges Muhammad-Bande June 2, 2020
    The nations of the world must put human rights at the heart of their ongoing response to COVID-19 and ensure that everyone can enjoy “justice and peace” wherever they may be, the President of the General Assembly said on Tuesday.
  • The Power of Partnerships June 2, 2020
    New diseases have been emerging at the unprecedented rate of one a year for the last two decades, and this trend is certain to continue. We look at a small fraction of past pandemics and outbreaks, and the importance of solidarity, international cooperation and partnerships to prevent, detect and respond to these global challenges, while […]
    David Mccreery