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Ecologi Action Ltd

The World is changing and globally people are starting to mobilize, becoming activists and seeing what they can do to help create a more sustainable future especially with respect to Climate Change.  “Ecologi Action Ltd” (they plant trees) arranged an excellent online festival (17-18 November 2020) highlighting activities going on around the World in support of Climate Action.

The Festival – It’s Time – A Festival of Climate Action – was an incredible event bringing together a wide diversity of activists and initiatives.  The Festival was opened by Prince Charles and involved many organisations, celebrities and well-known advocates of sustainability such as David Attenborough, World Wildlife Fund etc. as well as many grassroots organisations active in promoting the global sustainability agenda.

Although the festival has finished all the key presentations are available on “YouTube“.  In a similar way to a major Music Festival, the presentations have been categorised as if they are being performed on 5 separate stages as follows:

  1. Main Stage” – It’s Time 2020
  2. Sustainable Living Stage” – It’s Time 2020
  3. Innovation Stage” – It’s Time 2020
  4. The Arts and Community Stage” – It’s Time 2020
  5. Kids Tent” – It’s Time 2020

The presentations were excellent and show there is real progress being made in many corners of the World.  While much remains to be done, it is uplifting to see so many different activists and diverse activities starting to have an impact.  Although primarily focussed on Climate Change, these activities also support the SDGs in other sectors helping us create that fairer and safer World we all want to see.

Follow the above links and see for yourself the excellent presentations made during this unique Virtual Festival.

Team WCYDo
Alan, John and Tatiana

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