Which sustainable goal refers to quality education?

Quality education (SDG #4) is one of the crucial factors in achieving the sustainable development goals established by the UN for 2030. Major progress in reaching the goals can be done only with the access to quality education for all, especially women and girls.

Many more people today have an opportunity for education compared to previous decades. But still we need to invest more effort in order to make access to education available for everyone, everywhere.

The United Nations have declared 10 main targets and 11 indicators for Sustainable Development Goal #4. These targets are aimed to specify the goals, and the indicators point out the metrics to monitor success and define whether these targets have been achieved.

How does quality education affect sustainable development?

Quality education is one of the major factors helping prevent poverty, allowing people to increase their income, and improve the quality of their lives. Quality education improves health conditions, reduces maternal deaths and the number of child marriages, as well as AIDS and HIV rates. Access to quality education leads to the economic growth of the community and country as a whole.

What is meant by the quality of education?

Sustainable Development Goal #4, Quality Education involves gender parity, access and use of the appropriate school equipment, educational materials, and school infrastructure. Quality education also gives skills and knowledge, building socially responsible global citizens’ mindsets.

What is meant by the quality of education

Why is SDG 4 important?

SDG 4 is extremely important as this is the educational goal to ensure and promote learning opportunities for all. Education improves intelligence, and frees imagination. It boosts self confidence and accelerates career opportunities, allowing individuals to take on more and new responsibilities such as beginning new businesses.

How do you provide quality education?

Today there are many more learning opportunities for a person to obtain a quality education. These include the use of the quality online learning tools, access to professional teachers, as well as creation and entry to the quality learning environment.

Who is responsible for quality education?

Education governments and education authorities are responsible for the quality education in a particular region or country. They are there to provide access to high quality education, teachers, courses, and to monitor and make sure schools or other institutions are well equipped to provide such services.

Why is quality education important for students?

Education is important for the students, as it helps to deal with poverty issues, it reduces gender inequality and helps build new, more developed societies.

These targets can be achieved by building and/or upgrading schools, increasing and expanding the scholarships for the developing countries. Also, one of the major factors in achieving the Quality Education goal is providing qualified teachers in developing countries.

Everyone should have access to education in order to build a better life.

A qualified person has much more chances to get a well paid job, feed a family and live a more comfortable life. The more people have an opportunity to study and get appropriate education, the more qualified specialists we shall have. This would only benefit society. Social exclusion and inequalities would not be an issue when everyone has access to learn.

quality of education

What is the role of education in sustainable development?

The role of education in sustainable development is meaningful: it helps to balance economic and social development with sustainable well-being. It helps to implement sustainable development goals by improving the quality of education, reducing poverty and boosting the growth of the economy.

All 17 development goals are aimed to transform the World we live in. They draw attention to the issues that need urgent solutions as soon as possible. Quality education is one of the SDGs. Let’s respond to this call to action and approach the new future together by ending poverty, reaching prosperity and justice in our communities, by saving our environment, nature and health!

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What Can You Do to help stop Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most serious threats mankind is facing today. Because of this growing danger a decisive response of the international community should be made and implemented immediately.

The world leaders from 197 countries signed the Paris Agreement in 2015, to combat climate change. The main goal of the Paris Agreement was to limit global warming to 2ºC.

Since then a lot of commitments have been made but a few targets have been reached unfortunately.

The positive news is that more and more people are starting to realize how serious the problem of climate change is and global climate activism is gaining more popularity. Increasing number of people ready to make a change is obvious and this is already noticeable in news reports, social media groups and forums.

Climate change is widely discussed in the media, as well as various solutions of what can be done to stop it.

There are a number of solutions ordinary people can do by changing a bit of their daily habits.

There is no planet B

Spread a word

One of the easiest and most effective ways to stop climate change is to start raising attention to the problem, speak about the issues of climate change in your community, with your friends and your family members. The more people are involved the better. You can voice your concerns in social media or write directly to the decision makers.

Also, you can organize events in your location and invite the most active members of your Community to discuss what you can do to stop climate change and how to improve things.

Use Renewable energy for your home

By using renewable energy you help to save the environment. The easiest way is to find a utility company, which provides green energy or this is at least a part of the total amount of energy they produce.

In many locations you can find contacts of such companies on monthly statements or just search online.

Alternatively, you can install the solar or wind power system for your home.

use reusable energy

Make your home energy efficient

Heating the building and cooling buildings consumes the most of the energy.

To save warm temperature in your home seal all the drafts and make sure the insulation is properly done.

If you are heating the house and notice the temperature doesn’t change significantly, you can call a specialist to check the insulation of your home. They use devices to measure the temperature of the walls and windows and will quickly define the location where the warm air leaks.

In some places there are programs, thanks to which you can compensate a significant part of the expenses spent on home improvements or insulation aimed to make it more energy efficient.

In order to save more energy you can buy energy efficient appliances and bulbs. For example, LED bulbs consume ⅙ of the energy needed for a regular incandescent bulb.

Take a look around you and check whether all the devices which are not in use at your home are unplugged / switched off. Nowadays the amount of devices we use daily is growing and we need to make sure we do need them and these devices do not consume energy when they are not in use.

By using less electricity we help to stop climate change.

Reduce water waste

Saving water helps to reduce carbon pollution and stop climate change. For example, when you take shorter showers, you help to stop climate change. How exactly? The reason is a lot of energy is used to pump the water, and to heat it. If you cut the period of time for showers, turn off the tap when you brush your teeth, you contribute to saving our planet and combat climate change.

save water at home (2)

Shop wisely

It often happens that under the influence of advertising we buy things we do not actually need or buy too many items. Of course, food is one of many things we buy most frequently.

Following sustainable living tips we can buy some products in bulk, which saves us money and time. But what happens with the food we do not eat and it quickly gets spoiled? It is just thrown into the trash basket along with packing causing harm to nature and polluting the environment.

This is why every time we visit the shop we should know exactly how much food we need to avoid buying things which will be wasted.

If you have an option to compost the food – that’s great.

Be reminded that approximately 10% of energy in the USA for example, is used for growing the food, processing and delivery. Unfortunately 40% of the food purchased ends up in landfill.

If we reduce the amount of food we purchase, there will be less energy used and less food will be thrown away.

shop wisely

Rethink your travel habits

Having a comfortable trip to your favorite destination is something you are looking for during a year or may be less. But how often do you ask yourself whether your trip is sustainable? Could you do something differently to contribute to saving our planet instead of following your habits and taking flights and driving cars whenever you can?

Seeing a city by foot would be one of the most interesting ways to explore it and find out some small things you could have missed if you were driving. Also, walkable tours would save your travel budget. Since you are not using the car, you will not contribute to air pollution in the city you visit. Try to rethink your travel plan and maybe take a train instead of traveling by plane.

Check other options, talk with your friends and draw your own sustainable travel plan.

What Can You Do to help stop Climate Change


Each day of our life is different but there are 3 things we should remember: reduce, reuse, recycle. This is what you can do to help stop climate change, reduce the amount of trash thrown away, and reduce the amount of emissions. Let’s follow these three simple actions and make a change to the world!

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