Why is Wcydo being established?

Wcydo (wich-ee-do) is being established by a small team of concerned individuals who feel that there is a large number of ordinary persons who, like them, are frustrated and, in some cases, angry at the lack of progress in dealing with some of the urgent Global issues which leave millions in poverty and affect the survival of our planet. Wcydo seeks to  inform and motivate such individuals to take action. The proposed related App (to be launched in the very near future) will motivate them to action and make it much easier for them to monitor their activities. It will also encourage users to  volunteer and fund raise for the key charities most active in areas of  relevance or interest to that individual, his family or his group of friends. Each individual, family or group of friends will be able to select from a menu of actions under each of the Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs)  to make their contribution towards making this a better and fairer world. Typical actions  could, for example, be:

  • Buying fair trade fruit once a week to help poor farmers
  • Buying fair trade products once a month to help poor workers
  • Sponsoring a girl child through primary school in a developing country
  • Reducing food waste
  • Writing to politicians and decision makers to increase overseas aid to eliminate hunger
  • Promoting  women's participation in leadership positions
  • Etc.

The App to encourage action and to monitor progress will be made available at the minimum price possible to make it accessible to all who want to get involved and to do their part to make a better world.