WCYDo Partners

WCYDo (wich-ee-do) is intended to mobilise individuals, families and friends to take action. Users will be encouraged and motivated to participate directly as part of their day to day activities to support the UN SDG initiative. They will also be directed towards the key charities active in addressing the major global sustainability problems such that they can decide which they may wish to support further. This could be by volunteering time, fund raising or donating directly to charities such as:

- stophunger.org
- globalcitizen.org
- empower.org.au
- water.org
- betterenergy.org
- one.org
- oceanconservancy.org
- oceana.org
- conservation.org
- namati.org

These charities are amongst the most active on SDG related activities and we would hope they will agree to publicise the WCYDo App on their websites and their networks given they will be beneficiaries from any funds raised via the WCYDo App .